what is a 1000 calorie diet ?

what is a 1000 calorie diet ? This sounds like one of those types of questions asked in a joking manner.
The sarcastic reply would be;

  1. It’s a diet
  2. It’s a 1,000 calories diet
  3. Limited to 1000 calories per day


Spinach, chicken & pomegranate salad
Spinach, chicken & pomegranate salad

In this article we will go over 1000 calorie diet results.


It’s easier to lose weight by dieting if there’s someone doing the same diet as you are. This makes it easier to make meals, as you’re both having the same things. Planning your 1000 calories a day menu need not be that difficult. Write down the foods you both like, cross out the items that are full of fat or heavy on calories, then keep the things that are left.


An important aspect of the 1000 calorie a day diet is eating sensibly, this entails breakfast, lunch and dinner, not missing any of these meals out. Break the day up with healthy snacks both mid morning and also mid afternoon.


People seem to think sticking to diet is no fun,you’re always hungry and you’re going to lose very little weight. If you cheat on your 1000 calorie a day diet it’s only yourself you are cheating, as you’re not going to lose the weight you want to lose. There’s nothing to stop you having a treat once a week, either a small sweet or a beer, but these too need to be counted within your 1000 calorie diet plans, so if your small beer is 100 calories, then that’s a 10th of your daily allowance.


Healthy Leek and Potato soup with Parsley
Healthy Leek and Potato soup with Parsley



Eating Out

If you’re doing the 1000 calorie a day diet you might be better to avoid eating out for the week you’re focusing on it. As tempting as it is to go out, you’re wined & dined and no dishes to wash after, you need to be aware of what you’re eating. Unless you are able to stick to the food list, you’ll ruin your hard work for the other 6 days. Even salads in restaurants tend to come with sauces and dressings, which you’re not able to know what is in there.
If you don’t want all the party you’re dining with that you’re on a diet, it may be an uncomfortable situation when you whisper to the waiter you’re on the diet and he turns and looks at you then quietly asks you ” what is a 1000 calorie diet please ?  “.

"what is a 1000 calorie diet" eating out.
“what is a 1000 calorie diet” eating out.

As we have mentioned several times, this diet is done for a week or at very most a fortnight. Why not hang fire on the dinner out and go after you’ve completed your hard worked for 1000 calorie a day diet.



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