1000 calorie diet results

Always stick to 1000 calories a day – no cheat days

1000 calorie diet results are dependant on what you put into doing this diet not into your mouth.

While doing this diet, we encourage you to always stick to 1000 calories a day for the 7 or 14 days you’re doing this. Avoid the temptation to add in ‘cheat’ days. In all weight loss plans, the recommended number of meals per day is five which means that aside from breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can have mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. In almost all cases, the snacks are some nuts and some fruits and the calories in each snack are 50 calories only. Having to consume only 1000 calories a day, your three meals will have a total of 900 calories, 300 calories per meal. You have to stick to the number of calories, not necessarily per meal but per day. And there should be no single day when you make an excuse to exceed – no cheat days while you are observing the plan. After all, this will only be for two weeks or even less. Sticking to your meal plans will help you see great 1000 calorie diet results that will make you feel good in yourself.
Some dieters are afraid to eat foods that belong to the fats and carbs group. To get all the nutrients, your body still needs these especially carbohydrates to boost your energy. You can have margarine for fats but choose the low-fat kinds. The same thing goes true for milk. What you can eat more are fruits and vegetables. And you should not forget your fluids – water and zero calorie drinks.



The 1000 calorie diet has risks and side-effects

The second essential item that you should pay attention to is the risks and side-effects brought about by eating very few calories per day. You should look into its effects on your health and your lifestyle. You should be familiar with the side effects where the proper functioning of your body system can be adversely affected. Yes you want to lose weight but should you prioritize it over your health? In consideration of your health, the advice to people who want to go on the 1000 calories a day diet plan is to consult and get the red light from his or her physician. As you are given a go signal you should bear in mind that your body, in the course of this1000 calories a day eating habit, needs the right balance of nutrients otherwise, your health will be at risk. Lack of vitamins will lower your immune system. Without carbohydrates, you will not be energized and would then tend to be sluggish. With this, your fats will be stored.

Components of healthy 1000 calorie foods

At first, you will find the 1000 calories a day diet program to be boring. This may happen if you do not research on the calorie content per serving of your favorite foods. For a fact the 1000 calorie diet plan is not restrictive of the kinds of foods to eat. You can eat any food – but you should stay away from processed and “to-go” foods that are usually full of fats. Refrain from sweets. You can eat carbohydrates and fats in a controlled serving and in a carefully selected variant such as non-fat or low fat.
You can plan a variety of food combinations. This will make you comply with the requirements of eating healthy and nutrient-filled foods. You do not have to eat the same foods consecutively. You will find out that preparing your meal plans in advance can lead to a choice of healthy and satisfying menu.
In going for the 1000 calories a day diet plan to lose weight fast, there are three things to inculcate in your mind. You have to count the calories and stick to only 1000 per day. You have to develop awareness to the risks and side effects. And lastly, you should know the components of every healthy 1000 calorie foods.

1000 calorie diet results




1000 calorie diet results

As we have mentioned, results only come from working at something. This applied at school where you needed to learn then revise to pass the exam, and this is no different. To get the very best 1000 calorie diet results you need to be honest with yourself, to stick to the plan and don’t cheat.


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