1000 calories a day – the recommended eating plan

There is no doubt 1000 calories a day – the recommended eating plan, does just what it says. As you know that losing weight means cutting down your calorie intake. What you are seeking to discover is the right diet plan to be successful in achieving the weight that you think is ideal for you. Is there a way to consume calories in an amount fewer than what you normally consume? YES there is. Are there any medical reasons you’re not going to try the 1000 calories a day diet program? If your healthy enough to give this diet a try, then do it just for a week. This may be the way to eventually drop the pounds, but try it for a week or if you feel comfortable enough try it for 2 weeks and see the difference.

1000 calories a day  healthy breakfast

As you put a limit to your calorie intake, you have to ensure that those suffice to provide your body with all the nutrients that it needs otherwise you will put your metabolism process in jeopardy. If the metabolism slows down, the fats, no matter if they were just in small quantity will be stored in your body and ultimately cause weight gain.
In line with this effect on metabolism, you should make sure that you only do the 1000 calories a day diet as a weight loss starter. As you go on this diet, ensure that your body is getting the proper nutrition.

1000 calories a day – the recommended eating plan

Diet is about foods. So – what foods and in what amount should you eat in order to get the proper nutrition and at the same time maintain an intake of 1000 calories a day only? Here is the usual recommendation of weight loss experts who advocate this kind of diet plan. What you may eat most are fruits and vegetables – one cup would be good enough. You still need carbohydrates but since you are in weight loss regime, you only eat 3 ounces of this. You need protein so you have to ingest 2 ounces of meat and beans. You may take 2 cups of milk for your dairy. You still need little fats – around 3 teaspoonful of oil. Eating all of these, you will have 165 calories remaining to be taken in – any food at your discretion that will conform to the plan. To go with these foods is substantial liquid, water and zero calorie beverages.

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We understand that any diet requires dedication but your food and drinks still need to be enjoyable.

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